Become A Reseller

Become an Instapoppin Reseller

Earn profits from your customers by providing high-quality social media services.

How does it work? You will have a reseller account on our reseller portal. Looks and operates just as the Instapoppin portal, but with wholesale prices for every service. We call this portal the “Palace” and this is where you will fill your customer’s orders and your personal orders.

We offer 2 plans, basic & pro. With 3 months, 6 months, or 1-year payment options for both plans.

Basic Membership: Reseller account on the Palace.

Pro Membership: Same as basic + your own branded website for your customers to order from.

If you’re Pro plan, your website will be your own domain, SSL secured, & have your name/logo. You’ll log into your admin dashboard and have full control. Easily change your prices, add or remove services, and set up your payment method for you’re customers to load fund to their account. With options like Paypal, Stripe, Authorize, Crypto, and others. Your site will be connected to your “Palace” reseller account. So when your customers place an order it will automatically fill that order through your palace account. There is a ticket system for you to communicate with your customers.

So here is the process: You’ll promote your new business & website. Your customer will create their free account on your website. They will hit the “add funds” page on your site and load however much they want to their account. With that balance, they can now use to order services on your site. That order will automatically go to your reseller “Palace” account to be filled. You must keep a balance loaded on your “Palace” account to fill your customers orders. For example, customers spend $20, wholesale cost is $5, you made $15.

If you’re on the Basic plan, you have your reseller “Palace” account where you will manually fill your orders. You will have to compare your cost to create a markup and charge your customers and collect those payments by your own means. Square, Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, etc.


3 months: $249
6 months: $397
1 year: $697

Pro (With Website)
3 months: $387
6 months: $674
1 year: $1,297

If you choose the Pro plan, You must obtain the domain you want to use. We recommend using Godaddy. Once you have your domain, go to your domains DNS and change the Nameservers to ours. This step must be completed in order for us to build your site.

Change nameservers to:


Only submit the form below once you’ve obtained your domain & are ready for the invoice to be sent. The delivery time is 24-72 hours for your website. Your “Palace” reseller account is set up within a couple of hours.

Basic or Pro Membership

Choose your length, An invoice for your membership will be sent by email & or text
3 months6 months1 year

Create a Reseller Username & Password.

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